3D Printing

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) & StereoLithography (SLA)

Accurate professional 3D printed parts directly from 3D CAD data in a matter of hours without drawings, tooling, or machining.



3D Printed Parts StereoLithography Aparatus


SLS: Nylon 12
SLA: SOMOS 18120 (ABS like) & SOMOS 9120 (Polypropylene like)

Painted 3D Printed StereoLithography

SLS: Naturally Black - Can be painted.
SLA: Naturally Light Amber.  Can be painted or dyed.  Polished parts are transparent with an amber tint.



Helicoils Installed 3D Printed StereoLithography


SLS: protoCAD taps threads, installs inserts or installs Helicoils.  Large threads can be 3D printed
SLA: protoCAD installs Helicoils or adheres inserts in place. Large threads can be 3D printed.

Large 3D Printed StereoLithography

SLS: Parts up to 6.5"X6.5"X12.5".
SLA: Up to 20"X20"X24" in a single build. Parts as large as 4'X3'X1' have been printed by breaking the part into multiple pieces then assembling them after they have been printed.

Rapid Delivery



SLS & SLA: Most parts are delivered in 2-3 business days depending on the size and volume of the part(s).

Large Quantity 3D Printed StereoLithography 

SLS & SLA: Quantities range from a single part that might be used for a design evaluation to thousands of parts that are used as production parts.



Accurate 3D Printed StereoLithography

We work with our customers to ensure critical tolerances are achieved even if that requires a secondary process.  
SLS: Generally within +/-.010" with an additional +/-.001 in/in.
SLA: Very accurate and are generally within +/-.005" with an additional +/-.001 in/in. 

Finiash 3D Printed StereoLithography

protoCAD will work with the customer to provide any specialty finish they may desire.
SLS: Bead Blast Finish
SLA: Generally a bead blast finish.  The parts can also be provided without a finish, or a polished finished.  

Armor Coating

Master Patterns

Armor Coated 3D Printed StereoLithography

3D printed parts and Urethane Castings can be strengthened and hardened or electronically shielded using a thin coating of copper and nickel to form armor coating. Armor coating can be applied to entire part or selected part surfaces.

Master 3D Printed StereoLithography Urethane Casting Prototype RTV Rubber Mold

3D printed StereoLithography parts are ideal for Urethane Casting master patterns as they are very accurate and have a beautiful surface finish. 


3D Printed StereoLithography Process Sliced

SLS: A laser traces a cross-section onto nylon powder fusing the nylon together.  Additional nylon powder is placed on the surface.  The laser then fuses the next cross-section. This process is repeated until complete. No supports are required for this process.
SLA: A laser traces a cross-section onto the surface of a bath of photopolymer solidifying the cross-section. The part is lowered into the bath and resin is swept onto the surface. The laser then solidifies the next cross-section. This process is repeated until complete.

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